Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Petite apple pastries

It happened that on Sunday I was thinking of going to a cafe after church to get a cappuccino and an apple pastry. Partly because those things are delicious, partly because it was my anniversary and I'm sure my husband would have wanted me to do that, because that is our idea of a celebration.

But I didn't go to the cafe, and I remembered that it is possible to buy pastry dough pre-made here. Pre-made foods are a bit of a rarity in this country, so I thought it probably wouldn't exist at my small close store. But it did! And I bought it! And I baked these lovelies!


For the pastry 'style' I followed this how-to written by my friend Brian. I am in full agreement on intricate-looking pastries (although I can't say I've done much (any?) pastry baking before, soooo...)

I was slightly worried that these wouldn't work out, since I wasn't baking the shell and the filling separately. Luckily the dough baked up around the apples quite nicely, and also the apples were not still raw when it was done baking. A delicious success!

PS I brought these to the office and was once again thanked for the 'cake.'

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