Friday, March 7, 2014

7QT: The North & Lent & magnetic saints!

1. I went to the north of Sweden, where it was cloudy and we saw no aurora. I had a meeting there at the beginning of the week, so Greg came along to enjoy the fun. He even carried my tripod for me, which I never had the opportunity to use.

2. Highlights include: eating reindeer, seeing an old church which won the prize for Sweden's most-liked building in 2001, having seat-heaters in the back seat of the rental car, and lying on as many of the beds in the ice hotel as possible.

3. The Ice Hotel in general is completely awesome, and work a 'take' of its own. There are some documentaries on it that you could watch. Here is a quick summary video I found. Greg and I took a ton of photos, because many of the rooms are designed by artists from all over the world. I think I read that over 800 artists apply to design rooms, and the ones who are chosen do some really amazing things. Hopefully I'll sort through my photos soon and share some of my favorites.

4. My computer thinks it is British and is always changing my spelling to have s's instead of z's and adding extra u's.

5. I usually fail at even the simplest Lenten things, but I think it will be best for me not to ignore it entirely, so I've decided to give up chocolate. I really really enjoy sweet treats, but I know that if I try to give them all up I'd fail, so I needed to set a distinct line somewhere.

6. So here's to 40 (+some odd) days of no chocolate. When I was growing up we never counted Sundays as non-Lent days. Even now it just feels like cheating if I were to gobble down a bunch of chocolate every Sunday.

I already had a dream last night that I was accidentally eating chocolate.

7. This is probably the best Etsy shop to ever exist! I want all the magnetic paper dolls of saints!


8. I think I blog a lot more when I am feeling more stressed. That hardly seems to make sense when I type it, but somehow it is true. There is just something about writing things out, especially in numbered lists.


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