Monday, March 10, 2014

On last thursday

Last thursday was a mixed bag. Here are some sentences on that.

While walking to the office I felt like I had an eyelash in my eye. At the office I inspected it and found nothing, but my eye still wasn't feeling great. I tried moving my contact around a bit, because that usually makes things better. But it didn't work and it felt like my contact folded, meaning I'd have to take it out, which I hate doing without having saline solution available. When I took it out, I found that the folded feeling was actually due to the contact being torn almost in two.

So, what to do when you have just arrived in the office and find that you are not really going to be able to work until this situation gets under control. The options were to just take out the other contact and be content with bad vision (and sitting within eight inches of my computer screen), or to just deal with it (and the probable headache), or to go home and properly deal with it.

As I was complaining to Greg and trying to pro-con the best option, I realised that looking at my computer with one contact missing wasn't terrible terrible. So I decided I'd go home at lunch to get new contacts, and that way I would be able to minimize the time taken away from working for the day.

So I walked back home, which seemed to take forever. I saw a puppy though. And it was a sunshiny and beautiful day.

I got home and fixed my eyeballs, ate some food, and also started the laundry so that I wouldn't be in a rush to get home later in the day.

Then I even rode my bicycle back to the office, because all the snow is melted and we've been above freezing temperatures, so all danger of riding on snow/ice has past.

TaDa and done.

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