Monday, July 16, 2012

In which I cook

The month of July is a vacation month for me. I still have work things that I need to do. And life things that I need to take care of. But I am doing these things with the mindset of being on vacation. One thing I've prioritized for vacation time is to cook delicious food. I've also been taking photos of my foods, so now I'm going to blog about it. Probably I'll have some more food blogging in the near future too. Because I wouldn't want to pack it all into one jumbo post.

The most delicious foods I've been making are from my Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks. The other day I made a stir fry that called for tofu, but I switched it out for pork. We have a lot of pork in our household these days. It was incredibly delicious. After that experience I needed to try another, so I went with the greek lentil burgers. I didn't alter this recipe to include pork though.

Here we are in the prep stage. On the left is before it was mixed. You can see there are some bread crumbs, fried veggies, lentils, and (on the very bottom) the glue: chickpeas blended with some eggs.

Done! And they were quite tasty! We ate them on buns with a slice of tomato, but the following day I skipped the bun. The burgers were kind of dry. I think I over-fried the veggies, and I blame it on our stove being hotter than I would expect.

The end!

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