Friday, July 27, 2012


I have learned that I can make really good food if I follow a really good recipe. And if I follow multiple really good recipes, then I can make a really good meal!

Last week before we went to WI for a quick vacation, I wanted to cook a dinner that would use up the potatoes we got from the farmer's market. So I found a Moosewood recipe for broiled potatoes and things, which sounded quite good. I even had a red pepper that I needed to use, so it worked out perfectly. I also appreciate that the cookbooks give recommended pairings. This one recommended fish. So I went to the grocery store intending to get kale (because I just can't stop making this recipe), some mushrooms (for the broiled vegetable thing), and fish (salmon in particular).

I didn't get to the grocery store until later in the evening, after the Coop had closed, so I had to go to a typical kind of grocery store. In this grocery store I had no idea where to find fish, and as I was wandering I came across a freezer that had duck in it. No longer was the plan to pair the veggies with fish, but we just upgraded to duck. Duck is one of my all-time favorite foods that I eat very infrequently. Add an ear of corn from the farm stand that had to get eaten before we left, and we ended up with a gourmet meal, if I might say so myself!


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  2. The good news is that you are not "turning into your mother", since I do not like to cook. Your cooking sounds and looks delicious though!