Friday, July 20, 2012

More cooking!

This week I made some gazpacho! When we were in Barcelona we ate gazpacho several times (partly because it was a word we knew on the menu... those tricky catalan-speakers). I found a few recipes online that looked good. I almost went with the Alton Brown recipe, because you really can't go wrong with Alton Brown, but I decided to go with the recipe from the pioneer woman blog. Although I did garnish with a chiffonade of basil, as recommended by Alton (only after googling 'chiffonade' of course).

I really loved that there was a zucchini in the recipe I used. (sidenote: there is a red squiggle line under zucchini, but I am pretty sure that is the proper spelling?) I followed the recipe almost exactly, only I made sure to remove the seed goop from the tomatoes. But I left the seeds in the cucumber, because I'm not really offended by those.

Our craft night meal consisted of the gazpacho, bread, kale salad, and iced green tea with mint and honey. It was about the most amazing summer meal ever.

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