Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cake Balls!

I recently learned the joy of cake pops. The ones I made were delicious, but they left me wanting. The inspiration came from eating a cake pop at a popular coffee establishment. And that cake pop was more delicious than the ones I made, somehow. So I went searching for a new recipe to try, and I came across this gem.

If you clicked on that link, you'll see that the author has a particular love of cake batter flavored things. If you didn't already know, cake batter ice cream is the only kind I ever get when I encounter a Cold Stone Creamery. Actually, while I'm on the topic, it is the Cake Batter Remix that is my choice, except that I don't get the fudge, but instead get caramel sauce. So it is cake batter ice cream, with brownie chunks, and caramel sauce, and sprinkles. And it is so delicious.

I just checked and it is 57.62 miles to the nearest Cold Stone...

Anyhow, so I made the recipe above, except that I wouldn't really justify it by calling them truffles (because in my mind a truffle is a fancy complicated thing). These babies are just cake balls (like a cake pop, but no stick).

Also, I didn't have white chocolate in the house, so we went to the little store in town, which is nothing more than an advanced gas station. The only white chocolate was in the form of Cookies and Cream candy bars. Hence the cookie bits in my cake balls.

And oh were these delicious. Normally it is hard for a dessert to be sweet enough for me. With these, I could eat two and feel quite sated with the sweetness. Normally, I can't keep dessert in my house without eating it all in two days, but these were sweet enough to be self-regulating.

I should mention that these didn't really have the cake batter taste I was hoping for, even though they were incredibly delicious. 

Also, I'll never make cake pops again. The stick is just too much of a hassle, both in preparation and in storage.

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