Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily log - Sweden

Here there are no screens on the windows. This means that there are not enough bugs for it to be a problem, which is really quite nice.

Apparently Swedes eat tacos on Friday. If you eat something else on a Friday, you are not a true Swede.

Here, there is not a very extensive cheese selection. Growing up in Wisconsin and also living in Vermont really contributed to my love of cheese. And even though I never took full advantage of the wide variety of cheeses, I still appreciated having the option. Luckily we did manage to find a (huge) brick of cheddar (which probably cost us $15-$25?).

Also, there is a thing called Princess Cake. I couldn't find it at the grocery store (so I ended up with a chocolately thing that was weird after the first bite, somewhat good after the second bite, and really super delicious right up to the end), but when I was flipping through an Ikea catalogue, I noticed that Princess Cake is on sale during Oktober! 10 SEK for princess cake and a coffee!

Swedish sayings (so I've been told):

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

Swedes are happy in the minor key.

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  1. I have always heard the, "No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing" one! Have yet to try a Princess Cake, but they sure are beautiful, from what I've seen. And how interesting about the tacos...hmmm!Funny.