Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweden, as it becomes less of an oddity

I can already tell that things I am not used to are no longer seeming as strange or out of the ordinary as they first did. But for now many of these things are still memorable, and here I will recall what I can.

The doors continue to perplex me. First I can never tell if they are push or pull. Then I try both and sometimes neither works. Oh because there is a little lever that needs turning first. So I turn the lever and push, and it turns out that you need to turn the lever and pull. Or sometimes there is a button off to the side of the door. Yesterday I started to try the doors in whatever way was opposite to my intuition. So far, I've only gotten one door right on the first try.

Speaking of going through doors. The thresholds are also raised slightly higher than I am used to. So you are not allowed to shuffle through any door. You must step over the threshold or stub your toe. This is particularly important for bathrooms, which have an even higher threshold.

Yesterday we ate pizza like a Swede! With salad! But this does not mean what you think. Luckily we had a Swede demonstrate the technique, so we knew we were doing it right. The 'salad' is really like a spicy, oil/vinegar-based coleslaw. And you just put it on top of your pizza. It is pretty delicious.

I learned my raincoat is no longer waterproof. So today I will try to figure out how or where to buy something that is waterproof.

There is actually an actual Swedish craigslist! I had been calling the equivalent of a Swedish craigslist, which is the website I've been searching for apartments on.

And apparently if you buy an apartment in Sweden it takes about a week.

When riding on the bus, you need to hold up your card and push a button. I have realized that the locals actually push the button with the card, so I tried that out. There are a LOT of buses and also a LOT of bicycles.

Oh and I met a Swedish vegetarian, which I didn't really think was possible. He has lived his whole life as a vegetarian, and apparently it is not entirely uncommon.

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  1. Nice, Meghan! I like following your adventures. :)

    Can you explain what card it is you hold up on the bus? And what button you push?