Monday, August 6, 2012

Greg's favorite meal

I had known Greg for a long time before his mother enlightened me on his favorite meal. Now that I have that information, I can get major bonus points by cooking a chicken. The best part is that he takes care of the chicken carving for me, since I really don't want anything to do with that process.

On this day, I once again made kale salad, as well as rice and gravy to have with the chicken, and green beans using the Not Your Mother's Green Beans recipe from the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. And of course, we had to have a glass of milk with this meal.

Also, I had never made a chicken before, but it is not at all difficult. I always follow this recipe for roasted chicken, except that the herb I stuff in it changes. We have never used thyme, because anything flavored with thyme makes me think of thanksgiving stuffing. We usually use rosemary, but since the rosemary plant is not doing as well as the basil plant, we used the latter instead.

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