Friday, August 3, 2012

And she just keeps blogging about food

Lately my life consists of: scouring the internet for a place to live in Uppsala, cleaning and unpacking our house, reading, and cooking. The first obviously does not lend itself to interesting blog writing. The second could have been really interesting if I had taken a photo a day of the same spot in order to have concrete evidence of the progress I am making. But I didn't, so no such luck. I could possibly write about the third. About how I got obsessed with Jane Eyre, and everything else was put on hold. Except that is about all I have to say about that, and I don't have any romantic pictures of me holding a book because I am reading free classics on my kindle.

Therefore, I will just keep writing about food. I think taking pictures of food and documenting some cooking adventures also inspires me to make more good food more often.

No more boring sandwiches for lunch for me! Instead, we get grilled cheese with a tomato!

And it was very delicious.

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