Friday, January 18, 2013

7QT: the cross-stitched dog version

I didn't partake in the quick takes last week, but I guess I missed it, so I'm back again this week to join the party

- 1 -

I moved offices this week. The old space I was in was working fine, but wasn't entirely ideal. So far my new space is treating me really well. There is a very large plant that I think could be called a tree. And also there is this:

Photo on 1-15-13 at 5.37 PM

This is my favorite part of the whole office. Meet my newest love, the cross-stitched dog. Partly I just love imagining that it was made by the person who previously occupied this office (male, Chinese, physicist).

- 2 -

And the person who made this was clearly very dedicated to their project. I only ever attempted cross-stitch when I was a kid, and the furthest I got was to finish the pink part of two kitten ears. And this dog is pretty sizeable. It must have taken hours upon hours to craft!

- 3 -

That is my plant in that photo (not the tree). It is the one a co-worker is letting me have while she is away for half of the year. She left shortly after I arrived, so she thought I might want a plant since I didn't have any yet, which was a thing I really appreciated. My favorite thing is to rotate the plant so that the newest leaf is facing the window, and then it grows straight up like that for a week or so before it starts to get horizontal like a normal leaf.

- 4 -

Also, this plant is a kind that spits its seeds out as a means of re-populating. I've yet to be hit in the face by a flying seed, but I am just waiting for the day. I did find three seeds on my desk so far, so I collected them up and plan to plant them so that I can hopefully have my own baby plant one day.

- 5 -

Photo on 1-15-13 at 5.37 PM #2

I figured you'd want a second photo.

- 6 -

I don't know how you follow something like that, so now I'll talk about the weather. I used to like looking at weather forecasts a lot. For the past few weeks I just stopped doing that. I am already dressing at my warmest, so it is not like I'll add any extra layers. And my warmest coat can handle precipitation, so that really isn't a concern either. Plus it is kind of fun to just wake up and see what kind of weather we are handed that day. I don't know for sure, but I think it dropped at least 10 degrees in the past day. This morning it was -20 C (which is just below 0 in F).

- 7 -

The tradeoff is perfectly clear blue skies! And I also saw the sunrise on my walk to the office. The cold weather is completely worth the banishing of the dreary grey skies.


  1. Oh! That cross-stitched dog is glorious! How inspiring to get to work in a space with such art on the wall. I can't imagine how long it took to get the detail just... so.

  2. I've stopped checking the weather too! The other day I assumed it was freezing and dressed really warm...and as luck would have it, it was a hot day! silly california.

  3. I am still watching the weater in hopes of a warm up. Weather made my list as well check it out here