Thursday, January 10, 2013


As seen through my window!

First was just this magpie, bathing in a puddle in the melting street.

Slightly blurry, but so cute!

Same bird, different angle.

When I was in the US I liked to stop by on occasion. I really like their search tool. So I can say, "I saw this duck on a lake and it had, like a brown head and a grey body?" And they just always know what the bird is! Aptly named webpage for sure! I haven't found anything like that here yet. So I see or hear these birds and think "oh I have to remember that! rising song, little bird, white belly... oh wait a second..."


Please extend your region to Europe. I would be very grateful.

Ever so kindly,


Also, here is the best Swedish thing I heard today:
Hur många baka kaka?
It means, How many are baking cake?
I have no idea of the context for this question, but I hope there will be cake in the office soon.

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