Friday, January 25, 2013


Another round of quick takes.

- 1 -

I don't know how long this has been going on, but on my boss's door, just under where it says his name, it says "Jedi Master."

- 2 -

Earlier this week I realized that it was not totally dark at 3:30 pm. Hooray! The days really are getting longer!

- 3 -

I did some recruiting for the concert and dance on Saturday. I feel so true to myself! Also, it is like a tree of recruitment. I invite one person, who then invites two more people. Big things are happening here.

- 4 -

I watched Downton Abbey. Obviously it was good. The reason it is worth writing about is that I managed to spoil it for myself. I wasn't actually too worried about spoiling it, and guess what, the wikipedia page contains spoilers. Who knew?! It also doesn't help that I accidentally watched an episode from season three first, which was really confusing. It was like the time I accidentally read book two of the Dragon Tattoo Girl series first. I kept thinking about how much I had to focus to figure out who all the characters were and whatnot. At least with Downton Abbey I went back and watched all the episodes. With the Dragon Tattoo books the first one was never available at the library so I figured since I had already read the second I could just go for the third. And the first never ever became available, so I'll just never know how they started. Probably that influenced my rating on goodreads, but whatever.

- 5 -

If you need to work on the muscle tone of your teres major and teres minor, learn to dance the Bakmes.

- 6 -

You were hoping I included a little hockey clip, weren't you?

How crazy is that?

- 7 -

If a recipe name contains the word "skinny" I immediately lose respect for it. Can't we all just agree to stop that now? No one eats a chocolate chip cookie because they are looking for a healthy snack. I think in general I am just not a fan of adjectives in recipe titles.

I am not this kind of doctor (I really need to incorporate this phrase into more of my life), but I do have strong opinions on this topic which I'll share here. Recipes that replace items with all sorts of magical zero-calorie "foods" just sort of freak me out. The only item I am comfortable with consuming that contains zero calories is water. If we put other things in our body that are zero-calorie, it is because our body does not recognize these items as 'food'.


  1. Your boss sounds either very very awesome or very very strange.

    I have that issue with "skinny" recipes too. I actually have an issue with the idea of "skinny" in general.

    1. Lucky for me, my boss is awesome. Plus if he is the Master, that must mean good things for my position(:

  2. I concur with Larissa @ your boss. :)

    I've been losing weight for the last three months, slowly and gradually, by eating a balanced diet and keeping track of the calories therein. It encourages me to explore things like Greek yogurt instead of regular, and to make smoothies and stews with spinach in them, and use less white flour--but it's all real, NORMAL food. Food I like to eat. Just less of it!

    1. Oh I am definitely on this same page. Plus if I make brownies, but use yogurt instead of oil, then I feel like I am doing myself a favor by eating them!

  3. My husband would flip if that was under his name plate. Jedi master wannabe, he is.

    And I agree about skinny things! Just a marketing ploy that isn't healthy.