Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sometimes I see recipes posted online that are modified versions of another recipe.

Separately (but which will be related in a moment) my favorite sources for recipes come from Smitten Kitchen*, The Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks, and America's Test Kitchen cookbook(s?).

Neglecting the fact that I've been making mac & cheese from a Test Kitchen recipe without actually following the recipe (only due to laziness, not due to any crazy ideas about being able to improve the recipe), I have a really hard time understanding why you would modify a recipe from any of these three sources. I just feel like... I don't think I'd be able to make a recipe that did that.

Except when a Smitten Kitchen recipe is a modified Test Kitchen recipe. Then I get confused and end up with a lot of really delicious scones in my house. Also, the reason I was looking for scone recipes in the first place was because I found lemon curd at the grocery store and needed a reason to buy it. Now if only I could find clotted cream. Then my tea time dreams would be complete.



*I just went to the page to include the link here. Looks like I'll be making Chocolate Sables in the near future.


  1. Might need to try my hand at scones. This sounds silly, but I've been intimidated by them, because I wasn't sure if you cut them into triangles or formed them into triangles. Either way, these look delicious.

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

    1. Thanks Julie!

      I don't know why, but I really enjoy the process of rolling the dough into a circle and then cutting the triangles. That is definitely the method I would recommend(:

  2. Question: how do you keep from eating ALL the scones in one sitting? (Or do you just go ahead and eat them? Which would be fine. Which would be what I would do if I ever made scones.)

    1. If I had made muffins, it is likely that I would eat them all in one sitting. Somehow, with scones being a bit drier, I feel less inclined to eat them all up. Plus they are super dense and filling as well. Plus I made them super huge, so I couldn't eat more than two if I tried.

  3. I have a cinnamon scone recipe that I can NOT make very often because I eat them and eat them...however, they are not very dry. So maybe not very authentic? Also, I buy lemon curd at Trader Joe's here in the US. We dip pretzels in it, and also ginger cookies. Yum! I'm enjoying your blog. I found it on a link party I think.