Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snapshots from a Sunday

On Sunday when I woke up, I had the task of taking one photo. I had decided to participate in the Snapshots from a Sunday project (I don't think anyone else calls it a project, but I like to call it a project). Originally, I was thinking that this would give me a great reason to go exploring Uppsala on a Sunday morning to try to capture some beautiful images. But if the point of Snapshots is to share a glimpse of your daily life, I was certainly not going to embody that point.

So then I started thinking about how I could beautifully capture the ordinary that is my life on a Sunday morning. This is when I got the idea of playing with a long exposure to capture movement and activity in a still image. Normally I don't make the room as dark as possible while I make coffee, but on this particular day, I figured it would be worth it to get the longest possible exposure time.

This is the image that I chose to include in the Project.


I had the 3 am eastern time slot (9 am in Sweden). I loved looking through all the other images from the day, which you can view here.

Fun fact #1: I took eleven photos during my one hour slot. Here are a few of the others.




Fun fact #2: Snapshots from a Sunday is also a good project to motivate cleaning up your kitchen counter. Before I took these photos it was covered in dirty dishes and tons of recycling.


  1. I love calling it a "project". From now on, that's my term, and I'm sticking to it.

    Thanks for joining. Your ghost shot was so, so beautiful.

    1. Oh thank you, and thanks for letting me join in the fun(:

  2. Long exposure! Awesome. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Of course! I'll be waiting to see some ghost shots make an appearance on your blog in the future!