Monday, February 4, 2013

Accessorizing (in a more traditional way)

Alternately titled: A post in which Meghan wear's her husbands scarf!

It happened that my dad and step-mom sent some Christmas gifts for us. It also happened that shipping things to Sweden takes a really incredibly long time. So by the time they got here, Greg had already gone back to the States. We opened our presents via Skype. And then a few weeks later I went ahead and wore the scarf that Greg got. I decided that if I wrap it in a way that looks girly, then it won't matter that it is a man-scarf. A scarf is a really good accessory for me, mainly because I am always freezing.

Ta daa.

Photo on 1-24-13 at 9.55 AM


  1. yay scarves for freezing people. On a related note, I forget what my neck actually looks like.

  2. Oh hey, it let me post a comment without suspecting me of robotic tendencies! :)