Saturday, February 9, 2013

Four ingredient cookies

Somehow last week, I found myself presented with these two, very similar recipes. You better believe I made myself some of these. My four ingredients were peanut butter, powdered sugar, one egg, and chopped chocolate. And I baked them for 8 minutes. And I used natural peanut butter, even though that second recipe advises against it. I don't know about you, but I feel like, there just comes a time in your life when you join the adult table and start eating real maple syrup and real peanut butter. Although I concede that creamy peanut butter would have been better for this recipe than the crunchy that I had.

Also, I remember when it was decided that there would only be one space after a period, instead of two. I remember thinking it would take me forever to get used to doing that, if I ever did at all. And I just realized that it seems perfectly natural, so I guess that transition worked.

So the cookies ended up looking exactly the same after baking as they looked before baking. I actually think the insides just got warmed and nothing more.

These cookies are like the quick and easy version of these peanut butter balls that I adore. Actually, that makes me realize that these cookies would benefit from a pinch of salt. I guess a lot of peanut butters will have a little salt, but my recipe is totally lacking that 'flavor carrier' which is a bit of a shame. Although adding salt would probably make me want to eat these all in one day (instead of a more respectable two day).

And that is all I have to say about that.


  1. When was it decided that there would only be one space after a period?

  2. Oh and the cookies look delicious too!

  3. omg, I am SO with you about the one-space thing. one space used to seem so weird and now two spaces seems like a crazy waste of space!

  4. It's funny about the one space after the period deal. When I'm doing non-academic writing (which is 95% of my writing), I only include one space. But when I switch over to a research paper, I start adding two, which I don't think is even necessary anymore. I never thought about it before, and now you've got me thinking. Ha!

    I am always envious of anything with peanut butter. My husband is allergic, and one of my daughters has a slight allergy. peanut butter cookies for me. Boo.