Friday, February 15, 2013

quick takes

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- 1 -

The semlor buns for Fat Tuesday were yummy. Not quite what I was expecting. It just made me want a frosting filled (and frosted.. goes without saying) donut.

- 2 -

Then in the evening of fattisdag I thought I'd celebrate my baking up one (giant) chocolate chip cookie.

- 3 -

I should start making more things in single or double serving sizes. I am getting somewhat bored of eating the same meal four nights in a row. Then again, I also haven't been too thrilled about cooking lately, so that saves some trouble there.

- 4 -

I spent my first Valentine's day as a married woman listening to The Greatest Love Songs of All Time playlist on Spotify while drinking a glass of the boxed wine that has been hanging around since Christmas. Does boxed wine ever go bad?

- 5 -

Sidenote: The playlist did include Unchained Melody. So fear not. The playlist name was warranted.

- 6 -

Low on content this week. Makes for really quick Quick Takes. My phone buzzed earlier, as though to tell me I got a text. It was pretty confusing. I think only five people have my number. One is my boss who has an office next door. Another is the person I share an office with who was sitting right next to me. Turns out, it was a message from the service provider. In Swedish. I imagine it was some sort of sweet deal, but I don't know for sure, and I'm not going to bother to figure it out.

- 7 -

Here is a photo gallery from a Swedish photographer. I found out about him because I finally purchased some stamps and he was on one of them. I really really hope they were the right stamps.

(as though I was being timed and just won. thank you very much.)

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  1. I made a blog as a way to participate in the Quick Takes.

    And I think you won.