Saturday, November 17, 2012


This year we have had a major lack in hockey compared to last year, when Greg was playing 2 or 3 nights a week (or 4 sometimes?) and also running goalie clinics for the mini goalies. Add in some Bruins games (watched on tv only, too bad we never got down to a game) and we were pretty much maxed out with hockey.

In Sweden, there is hockey all around, but we hadn't made it to a game yet. There is a team in Uppsala which plays in the second highest level league, so it should be easy enough to make it to games. Plus the tickets are quite cheap for what you get. But so far it just hasn't happened.

What has happened though, is Elitserien hockey! This is the Swedish Elite League, and let me tell you, elite it is! I don't think it is quite NHL level, but maybe more like AHL? Except that it is a totally different game, because the only thing I remember about the AHL is that it was more fightey than the NHL, which I found surprising.

We went down to Stockholm to see AIK play against SkellefteƄ AIK. There were a few similarities between the teams. Like having the same name (AIK), the same colors (yellow and black), fans wearing the same scarves, and calling the same chants. The fan sections were actually quite incredible. They were like fans at a college game, standing for the entire game, and yelling organized songs/chants/jeers/what have you. And they have names! The fans of AIK are the Black Army, and the fans of SkellefteƄ AIK are North Power. I took pictures.

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