Friday, November 23, 2012

se se se seven

Joining the others for 7 quick takes.

- 1 -

Monday. In the office. Freezing. Suspect that someone messed with the thermostat (that I messed with about a month ago to make my office a liveable temperature). Wish I had thought of this earlier so I could have checked it during my two seconds of alone-time in the office. I suppose not all of us plan extra bathroom breaks for the sole purpose of running warm water over their hands to return them to a functioning temperature. (In all fairness, I am extremely sensitive to temperatures. Usually I am freezing, but I can get equally unhappy if I overheat.)

- 2 -

Tuesday. I made it to the afternoon, but I have realized that my feet are now freezing. Not sure how long this has been going on. With foreknowledge of the office temperature, I thought I had prepared properly. wool socks, corduroy pants, wool shirt, sweater, second sweater. No such luck. I do have my scarf along today. And I can always put my hat on like I did yesterday. I guess I can try zipping my sweater up a bit more.

- 3 -

Wednesday. Getting better. The key is to wear four shirts.

- 4 -

These pictures were taken Ansel Adams style, as in, you get one shot and one shot only per day. So you better make it a good one. Or not.

The misery of being cold, as seen by my computer camera.

I am second-guessing whether it was Ansel Adams who took one photo per day or if that was another photographer, which led me to this article. I think it is a fascinating idea, but normally I am the type of person who either feels like taking pictures or doesn't. So some days get a lot of photos and some get none. However, the article is a nice reminder for me to take more care with composing photos.

- 5 -

Pie happened! I know I've kept you on your toes for a whole week plus four 'takes' wondering.. Will Meg & Greg make pie for Thanksgiving?! And oh yes they will. And they did! And the pies were deemed tasty! I had this great idea to set my camera in a corner of the kitchen and program it to take one photo every few minutes all night long. (I don't know if my camera can do this.) Then I would compile them into a little video clip. But I managed to not do this.

- 6 -

Oh and there will be fireworks on the first Sunday of Advent. This really secular country is really good at celebrating religious holidays.

- 7 -

A co-worker who had a baby about a month ago was visiting yesterday morning. She brought cake and pastries, so we really did have a bit of a feast (Swedish-style) in the morning. Another co-worker asked why we had so much food and someone told him she brought cake to celebrate her baby (even though the baby had not come to the office too). He had absolutely no idea that she had been pregnant or had a baby. Not sure how that goes unnoticed but leave it to a physicist to be capable of that.


  1. oh, I have so much sympathy for you!! cold is awful. AWFUL. :( :( I hope it's warmer this week.

  2. Thanks Sarah!
    I think I've finally got things sorted out. The key is four shirts, with the top one being the new men's sweater I bought this weekend to keep in my office. :)