Saturday, November 10, 2012

immersion blender guessing game

The apartment we found comes with an immersion blender. I never knew the beauty of such a kitchen tool! So here is a fun game. Guess what food I blended! (I'll put the answers way at the end of the post.)

First there was this...

And then this...

And these...

And of course this...

I'm guessing some of these will be easier than others.

(needless space to make sure the answers are out of reach for those who take guessing games seriously)

Like the third one there, which is what I'm eating as I write this.


Did you guess that one correctly?

Those are fruit smoothies! I've been making them for the past several days for breakfast. This one is primarily a banana and frozen strawberries. It also has a portion of mixed frozen berries (consisting of Gojibär, Havtorn, Blåbär, Björnbär, Tranbär, and Röda vinbär) and also some pear raspberry juice. The smoothie I had made previously was a banana with frozen blueberries, and also the mixed berries, a bit of honey, and orange apple passion fruit juice.

And the others? Did you guess those?

The top photo is hummus. That is what I had for dinner last night, and it was so delicious. I tried buying pre-made hummus from the store here, but it was absolutely terrible, so I had a great motivator for finally making my own hummus. My own is delicious. The store-bought was recently discovered in the back of the fridge growing mold.

And the second photo is soup! It is actually the last bit of leftovers in a yogurt container. This bit of soup was supposed to be Greg's lunch yesterday, but he forgot it at home, which provided me with an opportunity to get a picture of it. Oh but it isn't tomato soup. It is red pepper soup, and I highly recommend making a batch of your own. When I took it to work for lunch, it prompted the comment "nice color!" from a co-worker.

And the smoothies, of course, which we already talked about.

The last photo is possibly the hardest to guess? Because I just took the photo of the food item that we had blended and stored in the freezer for using later. It is pumpkin! (There will be pies in our future.)

Thank you for playing.

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