Tuesday, November 27, 2012

limit to introversion

One of my most favorite ted talks is the power of introverts. I am super impressed by that woman, because she precisely and concisely describes introversion so well.

And while it is true that introverts get energy when they are alone and often are drained of energy when they are with others, this doesn't mean an introvert could happily live without seeing any people ever. Or at least it doesn't mean that for me. Being with others, and connecting with others is important for introverts too. I think I've reached that life stage (even though I'm not quite over 30 yet) where making friends isn't automatically easy. Or maybe it is just a language barrier.

Either way, I've been feeling a bit stir-crazy lately, feeling the need to get out and be among people. Except that I don't really have "people" here yet. There are a few people who I'll take the liberty to call friends, but they are certainly not numerous.  I'm going to try harder to be more friendly and more outgoing though. Play the role of the extrovert. This is what it feels like to be at the limit of introversion, I suppose. Wish me luck. And happy Tuesday.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for recommending that TED Talk. It was awesome.