Friday, November 16, 2012

The week in review in 7 quick takes.

I am a person who likes reading blogs and writing blogs. I have been a fan of the Conversion Diary blog for some time, and recently I've been thinking that I should play along with the 7 Quick Takes on Friday. I have been so close. Twice! Somehow six takes come easily, but not so much with the seventh (apologies in advance).

- 1 -

My new favorite Swedish word is 'tjabba'! Our svensklärare (Swedish teacher) told us it is his personal favorite, as far as greetings go. He said it is a somewhat dorky hello. (Update: In the following class he told us it was a "cool" way to say hello.) Also, it sounds like 'shabba'.

- 2 -

Greg and I are considering making some pies to bring to the office next Thursday. The only problem is that we would need a lot of pies. But can we really let Thanksgiving go unacknowledged?

- 3 -

Swedes are really into saffron during the Christmas season. I don't think I dislike saffron, but I'm not sure it is worth the excitement.

- 4 -

The foods that I miss the most from the US that I can't get here are those super soft delicious sugar cookies with frosting that I learned to lovingly refer to as "crack cookies" because they are entirely addicting.

I might have to try my hand at this recipe, which was the first link when I started to google "how do you make those su" and google suggested "how do you make those soft sugar cookies". Exactly, google. That was just what I wanted to search. You know me so well.

The other is the buffalo chicken wrap from Boloco (with dark meat chicken and extra buffalo sauce, of course). That thing is also addictingly good, and for some reason Boloco keeps sending emails about it. Probably just to remind me what I am missing.

- 5 -

Last Saturday there was a folk concert/dance at the cabin owned by the folk group here. I definitely signed up to go to that one. I actually wasn't entirely sure what I was signing up for, since the info was in Swedish, and sometimes google translates things in a bit of an odd way. The three musicians were awesome! They were a mother and her two daughters. I think they mainly played Bodapolskas, which is a specific type of polska that (I think) is named after a specific region in Sweden (the Boda region, of course (sounds like buddha). For dancing, there is also a specific Bodapolska dance, which is different from the regular original polska. Luckily the follow role is not unlike another dance I know, so I was able to join in without too much difficulty. Afterwards I watched some youtube videos and it turns out that the lead role is quite challenging, so it is a good thing I normally dance the follow role.

- 6 -

Although, at dance class on Monday, I decided I would try to hambo like a man. I had done the hambo enough times to feel somewhat comfortable with the woman's role. Plus there are extra women in the class. So I figured it would be a good chance to learn the lead role, especially since it is a beginner's course, so no one expects you to actually know what you are doing. Overall I'd call it a successful endeavor.

- 7 -

Now I'll talk about the weather. It is starting to get colder and darker. The cold I am fine with; it won't be any worse here than it was in NH or WI. The dark is pretty dark. Like right now it is 14:30 (that means 2:30) and it is just about dusk. There are good aspects though, like many candles in the windows of houses which feels quite cozy. And my morning commute is shortly after sunrise, so riding my bicycle with the sun in my eyes makes me feel like I get up so early. Luckily my helmet has a visor, so if I ride with my head down I don't get blinded! And lastly, every hour is a 'golden hour' because the sun is always at such a low angle.

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