Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: My trifecta year

Probably one of the best remarks I heard this year was a congratulations on my trifecta year. In 2012 I finished my PhD, got married, and moved to Sweden to start a new job (in order of occurrence, not importance).

Finishing graduate school was an amazing and magical thing. Just look how happy I was.

Graduate Commencement

Mainly I am smiling because I love my giant hat. Too bad it was just a rental.
(Sometimes I feel bad that photographers are just trying to do a good job of photographing people, but that is really hard when everyone is turning away from the camera. Usually I end up making a goofy face at the camera, but somehow this person got a genuine smile. The result was me appearing on the Dartmouth Graduate Studies homepage for a bit of time.)

And one quick week after the graduation ceremony was our wedding. As much as I love the phrase "trifecta year" I am guessing that it won't take long before I only remember 2012 as the year that Greg became my husband. 

The actual day of the wedding was a bit of a blur. I remember being awake in the middle of the night and painting my fingernails or toenails. I remember hearing Greg talking with someone before he walked in, when I was still in the basement being unseen. I remember not knowing some of the songs because we kind of got the music program together at the last minute and managed to pick some versions that I didn't know. I remember being bolstered by the lovely loud singing of The Gilbert family. I remember Father Justin giving an amazing homily (and also remember seeing his thumb shaking, even though his demeanor was completely relaxed). I remember being told that there were no plates, but that Bette & Andy just happened to have a ginormous amount of them, so that had been taken care of. I remember dancing, with everyone, but particularly waltzing with Greg. And I remember that he and I were the absolute last two left at the reception hall, and his car was so packed that I was sitting in the front seat balancing leftover cake on my lap.

Here are some of the photos captured by our amazing photographer





Oh those Dominicans!


Why bother feeding each other cake when there is a pig roast?



Did Garren get a picture of that face I made just at the end of this little video clip, you ask? Why yes. Yes he did.


I have to cut myself off with wedding stuff, or this post could become outrageously long.

Finally, in mid-August, was my move to Sweden to start my new job. I am incredibly pleased with the work, and with making Sweden home. 

All in all, I'd say the year was quite good!


  1. I want to have been at your wedding. Oh, don't worry about the fact that we don't know each other and it may have been awkward, just rest assured that it would have made me very happy since I love weddings, and yours looks like it was a riot

  2. How fun to look through your wedding photos! I agree with Cari, it looked like a blast!

  3. Yeah, um....why was I not at your wedding??? (Awesome dancing + lamb cake)pork = my favorite math problem ever!

  4. Well I think I'm biased a bit, but I definitely thought it was a blast!

    But seriously, if you know people planning a wedding, try to convince them to have a barn dance. They'll never regret it!

  5. Wow! Your photos make your wedding look fun, and you were a lovely bride. My brother and his wife had a barn dance wedding a couple years ago. Unfortunately it was ridiculously hot and humid (July in MN) so we all ended up outside. HOWEVER, it was still a rock in' good time!


  6. Holy cow, it's a small world! Fr. Justin is a good friend of mine (he and I share a godson, in fact). Lovely pictures, too! I'm also getting married a week after my fiance graduates from grad school, so I'm glad to know that someone else did it and survived!

    1. Small world indeed! It is good to virtually meet you. I've heard that you "basically have the coolest godson in the world" :)

    2. Yes, he's proof that the awesomeness of godparents can rub off. ;-)

    3. haha, Oh I have no doubt about that!

      Do you also have a blog?