Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shopping Duty Free!

On my way home from Prague I had my first experience with shopping duty free, and it made me feel awesome! I never really understood the 'why' of it all. Then I moved to Sweden, where the alcohol prices are unfathomably high, and now I get it.

I had planned to do some shopping at Wenceslas square to spend the last of my Czech monies before I left. Except that it was packed with people, and I had to get out of there. So on my way back to the hotel I formulated this brilliant plan to use the leftover money to buy duty-free alcohol.

Also, lucky for me, Becherovka is made in the Czech Republic, which I did not know before going there.

And even though I could not compare to the Swedish prices while I was making my purchases, I just knew the Czech prices were so good.

For example, a bottle of Becherovka was 300 Czech crowns. Oddly enough, in Sweden it would also be about 300 Swedish crowns. Except that 1 Swedish crown = 3 Czech crowns. In US dollars, I paid about $15 for the bottle, which would have been $45 in Sweden.

Not related, but kind of related:
Since I was travelling in the Schengen Area, I did not get a Czech stamp in my passport, and I did not get to show any nice customs person my fancy Swedish residency card that has my biometrics attached to it.

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