Friday, December 14, 2012

7 quick takes from Prague

Hi Everyone! I am in Prague! I mean...

- 1 -

I am in Prague! I have come here for work, but now it is Friday night and work is over and I will stay for an extra day to spend as a tourist.

- 2 -

My hotel room is very very nice.

I look tiny, but I promise that it is an optical illusion.

- 3 -

I am trying to have a working knowledge of different units, so that I don't embarrass myself in everyday conversation. For example, when shoe shopping, a person of my age should probably know their shoe size. So I figured out that Sweden shoe sizes are Euro sizes, and now I know that. Also, if you get into a conversation about ceiling heights with a European, they will tell you numbers in centimeters (I think?). Also, 150 cm is a person who is quite short (which I learned when I was renting my Swedish folk costume when I was told, "Oh you are much too tall for that one, that is more like for someone who is 150 or less."). 

So I would guess the ceilings in this room are 400 cm? Quite high!

- 4 -

Prague is incredibly cheap. I think this hotel is about 100 USD per night, and it is nice and right in the center of town and I get breakfast. I almost forgot to mention, I also have a bidet (I don't actually know how those work, but I'm okay with that lack of knowledge, because that is not something I want to google). 

1 USD is about 7 SEK is about 20 Czech monies

A pint of (tasty) beer in Uppsala is maybe 60-80 SEK (yes $10) and a pint of beer here is 50 crowns ($2.50!).

- 5 -

My plan for my day of tourism tomorrow is not well-defined. I left my nice camera at home, because I always get all nervous about having valuables with me when I am traveling alone. Plus I wanted to travel light, so I only brought my backpack and a shoulder bag. I do have my small camera, but I never found my battery charger when it was time to move to Sweden. I've made the current battery power last quite awhile, but I am guessing that I am on the last leg. So maybe I will post some photos of Prague at a later time, but maybe not. kanske. kanske inte.

- 6 -

I missed my very last Swedish class! ): There was some sort of quiz/game thing with teams? Luckily Greg went to class, and he picked up my (signed) Certificate!

- 7 -

Tomorrow I will maybe go see The Nutcracker!! Before I had left, I saw that it was being performed while I was here, but the website I was on definitely said tickets for Friday and Saturday were sold out. Just now I found a different website that said there are still tickets available! The website is a bit weird though, so I will not try to buy through them, but maybe I will walk by tomorrow to see if there is a box office where I can find out what is up. The Prague Ballet! Wouldn't that be sophisticated!


And that is all. Here are many more quick takes by others!

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