Friday, December 28, 2012

7QT: my favorite photos of 2012

I didn't pay much attention to my photo blog this past year, so narrowing it down to my favorite seven shouldn't be too difficult. In reverse order then (because this week reverse order takes are the thing to do):

- 7 -

A type case at the Dartmouth letterpress studio.

- 6 -

Tiny flowers in my office.

- 5 -

Dartmouth observatory.

- 4 -

The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI (which is in a bit of a rough spot, and could be lost forever. To read more or help support the museum, click here.)

- 3 -

 Field of hay bales in Wisconsin.

 - 2 -

Taken in my backyard in New Hampshire.

- 1 -

The "skogen" in Sweden.


  1. What lovely photography! I wish my pictures turned out like that ;)

  2. Your photos are stunning!You truly have an eye. Beautiful composition!