Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ballet obsession

Before my trip to Prague, I was trying to find things to do or see on my extra day as a tourist. It is tricky for me to find things that I will enjoy doing/seeing alone. So then I got to thinking about things that are better to do alone, a.k.a. things that Greg would not enjoy doing and would appreciate me doing on my own.

So I think that is how I got onto this little ballet obsession of mine.

The only problem was that The Nutcracker was being performed while I would be in Prague, but it was sold out! Then once I got to Prague I saw on another site that the tickets were not, in fact, sold out. But it was a little hard to tell and all. I think the second webpage was some group that buys a bunch of tickets and resells them and adds an extra fee to "deliver" your tickets to you outside of the theatre.

I decided that the best option was to go straight to the box office and find out what I could find out. Luckily there were two seats left for one of the shows! So I chose the one on the main level, and life was good! I really enjoyed the performance on so many levels. I also thought it was interesting that the parts of The Nutcracker that I enjoy now are basically the opposite of what I enjoyed when I was a kid. I used to always like the entertaining parts, when the story was being acted out. And I would feel dreadfully bored during the long solo or duet parts. I guess when you are a kid you just don't realize the insane things these people are able to do with their bodies?

In anticipation of potentially seeing The Nutcracker I watched the documentary First Position (which I loved). Here is the official movie trailer, which will probably make you want to see it.

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