Friday, December 21, 2012


Once again linking up with the quick takers, despite the fact that I really don't have anything of substance to write about.

- 1 -

In Sweden, there is a law saying the royal family must be protestants.

- 2 -

At lunch, one of my co-workers started getting crafty with a doritos bag, which turned into lunchtime-Christmas-crafting-time. I made this.

It is very Swedish. And it is like an ornament that you can hang on your Christmas tree. It is like a woven heart basket thing, but you just glue a handle to the top and you are good to go.

- 3 -

There will be cake for fika this afternoon, homemade by a different co-worker who is starting her maternity leave.

- 4 -

And that reminded me of how Greg is leaving soon and has yet to have the best princess cake that I've had in Sweden so far. Princess cake is this amazing thing, which is 90% cream and 10% cake. It also has green marzipan on the top. Looks like this:

Usually they taste quite good, but there was one day when I had one that was completely exceptional. So I wrote down the name of the bakery, and tomorrow we will go there with the hopes of being able to buy a Christmas princess cake.

- 5 -

Tacos for dinner tonight! It's the Swedish way!

- 6 -

I invented this outfit today. Some days just require tomato pants. I blame my lack of focus (on work, I'm not trying to comment on the clarity of the photo) on it being the last day of work before Christmas vacation. Also, it seems that storing a lot of things in my pocket takes away from the fashionability of my clothing.

- 7 -

Every time I wash my hands I think of this guy. I keep waiting for the day when someone sends an email to the entire office saying something like, "Will the person who keeps shaking water all over the bathroom please stop doing that!?" And then I'll have to respond and apologize and say, "but it is this guy's fault!" And then once they watch the video they will all do the shake too!

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