Thursday, December 6, 2012

Craft Night!

 When I lived in VT/NH some of my friends and I spent most Wednesdays for probably over a year having Craft Night. We would switch around to different houses. Sometimes the host would cook a full meal. Or if there were a lot of us, we would go at it potluck-style. And everyone brought their own craft to work on, and we defined 'craft' very loosely, so it was quite an inclusive activity.

That being said, you better believe I was excited to hear about the craft night hosted by the folk dance group. Partly I was excited because of my love of Craft Night, but partly I was excited because I really want to make friends with the folk-y people.

The main activity at the craft night was making candles. The cabin that the group owns doesn't have electricity, so they hand-dip all of the candles that they use for the year during this one craft night. I got Really into the hand-dipping of the candles. That is an activity I'd like to incorporate into my future life. I really think it would make me a better old world woman.

There were also many other Swedish holiday crafts. The oddest by far was this:
Take an orange, stick cloves in it, wrap a red ribbon around it. And now you have a thing you hang in the window and it smells good.

There was also a wool station which was really quite cool, but I spent so much time dipping candles that I didn't have any time leftover to get into the woolen goods.

Here are photos I took after I got home of my loot!

A tiny flower pot with a Swedish flag!

I'm sorry to say, but this was painted by me and not by a five-year-old. It is like a jar that is painted and you can put a tealight in it and hang it like a lantern. Pretty special painting there.

And some hand-dipped candles! I got to take three home with me. I gave the best-looking one to Greg, so these are the two less-than-perfect ones. Pretty awesome right?


  1. I made the orange with cloves thing at a birthday party in 2nd grade.

  2. We made those orange things in my 3rd grade class- they do smell good. The candles you made look great!

  3. It's a pomander! I make them around Christmas all the time! You can also do a version where you roll it in cinnamon and wrap the whole thing with cheesecloth to keep the cinnamon from coming off. You can also dye the cheesecloth with tea or other natural coloring but I never got that fancy. Yay for crafts!!